Created to satisfy the growing demand for “proof of training.”

As parents, we have heard it all from our kid’s coaches/trainers.

“Your son did fantastic today.”
“I haven’t seen her skate so well.”
“She has what it takes.”
“He snipes corners like Crosby.”
“What an amazing talent!”  
“Dangles like Ovechkin.”
“He is going all the way!”
‘He’s the next Brodeur!” …and so on.

All truths from the heart- and meant to encourage - but perhaps a little off the mark from reality.

Then parents watch their children play. And although parents, like most of us, may be too critical from time to time, they have the right to assess and reassess as they, too, have dreams for their child’s future. AND they are paying you, as their child’s coach/trainer, to help achieve some of those dreams! Naturally, parents will focus on what the coaches confided in them that their kids did well, sometimes to be disappointed in their child’s performance – and perhaps with good cause.

“Was what the coach said just hype to make my kid feel better?’
“Do the coaches/trainers really know what they are talking about?”
“Was the coach just “selling me” to keep me coming back?”

These are some of the real time questions that parents ask themselves – especially IF they do not see what they are expecting to see when they see their kids playing. As a coach/trainer, this is definitely NOT what you want them to be obsessing over.

These questions, and in fact, the parent’s feelings, can never truly be known to you as a trainer – unless they are very upset. Again, this is not a position a coach/trainer wants to ever be in. That is not a meeting you want to have!

BUT imagine if you could provide parents with a partisan report, one that is generated by a computer – and is based on real time captured by photo cells. Then perhaps parents can be educated to a point that they will know, and with the coach’s help – to understand, these “stats.” Hopefully then, these parents will speak with their wallets by continually coming back for additional training. After all, as a facility owner/trainer, customer life time value is what you are after. This includes skate sharpening, food & beverages, supplies AND training. There is no better way than to achieve this than by providing printouts of a skater’s actual ramp times, or their actual shooting accuracy percentages, etc. Doing so gives basis to your comments to parents, and presents you as the consummate professional – as you relay and assess what is captured by computer.

Like the Olympics, 1000th’s of a second can make the difference. Incremental movements, as small as they may be, are encouraging for any student – and perhaps justice for the expense parents put out year round.

As a coach, you know you can’t improve what you can’t measure. That is what The Barracks is all about. Providing proof-positive, all the time, at all levels, at each station.